I realized a few weeks ago that I welcomed all the news coverage of the Swine Flu. I know this does not sound right, but it is true! Finally the economy and the economic meltdown were not the lead stories! I didn’t have to see any Project Economy or Economic Crisis logos flash across the screen.

 I have a great way to relieve your anxiety over your portfolio and pending economic doom.

 Turn off the news! Stop talking to everyone about the bad economy. You are just bringing yourself and others down. When engaged in the bad economy conversation tell people your taking a break because being negative about it will not help you move forward.

 CNBC had its best ratings in eight years during the first quarter of this year.* During the start of the downward spiral last fall CNBC also had record ratings.** The evening news programs of the big three networks are improved over the economic crisis. The better the ratings the more the negative coverage will continue.

While it is my great belief that the media needs to take an economy coverage vacation it will not happen because they are prospering during the crisis. Just like an impending snowstorm sends all of us in New England to mob the grocery store in search of bread and milk, money troubles send us to the aficionados of CNBC and Fox Business. The more you are worried the more you tune in. It is a beautiful thing, if you are in the business of selling commercials.

Be brave my friends, break the cycle and turn off the news! Negativity will not help you make the moves necessary for financial independence.

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