Fun Stuff

Reading through the Wall Street Journal I found an article that helps keep things in perspective during this time of economic turmoil, career stress and job loss.  I believe a lot of misery poker is happening in these key areas. Check it out and see if you play misery poker. It will help your cultural knowledge as well, turns out it is a common term on college campuses.  (Who knew? I’m behind on these things, just happy I can navigate my iPod and iTunes)


Tomorrow I am officially ending my 4 1/2 year golf hiatus by starting a morning 9-hole golf league. My game is right where I left it years ago. Fairly straight, not very far though. Before the hiatus I was very much a beginner. My goal is to be able to play with anyone with confidence.  If I could stretch my drive to 200 yards I would be thrilled. Just like a financial plan, one step at a time. Maybe I should start with consistently playing the game first.

I promise no more asking my fellow golfers to turn around so they won’t see my drive. I only did that once, when my husband crawled out from under the rock I decided I shouldn’t do that again. After all the LPGA wouldn’t allow it.

I’ve heard golf is good for business and am curious if it is true. I would love to hear from people that benefited in their business from a round of golf. (This would be motivation.) I figure with readers seeking retirement some will be golf experts!

See you on the 19th hole!