It is hard to attend any function whether a school play or cocktail party without running into someone who has lost their job or worried about losing their job. Reducing financial and emotional stress will assist your family in getting through the situation.

Financial Preparation

  • Assess spending
  • Develop monthly cash flow and budget for a potential layoff situation.
  • Increase emergency reserves
  • Determine where to rollover your 401(k)

Professional Preparation

Gather your data

  • Ensure you have examples of your major accomplishments.
  • Have the numbers behind your accomplishments for resume, such as years of growth, revenue and growth percentages.
  • Understand your company and unemployment benefits.

Arm yourself for the search

  • Start your resume now!
  • Contact a resume writer or use online service (
  • Take advantage of every outplacement service you are offered.
  • Line up references.
  • Network, network, network
  • Call former managers; let them know you are looking.
  • Find your cheerleaders!

Networking 101

  • Get comfortable speaking about your job situation. Being able to easily discuss your situation and briefly tell someone what you are looking for will be a key to success.
  • Be as positive as possible in all social situations so contacts will want to help you.
  • Utilize networking tools such as In to keep track of contacts.
  • Print business cards for job search (Available free at, you just pay shipping )

New job – Financial Recovery & Success

  • Maximize 401(k) contribution to boost savings and reduce taxes.
  • Establish/re-establish emergency fund
  • Utilize new budget and cost-cutting skills to determine sustainable lifestyle expense.
  • New savings can be invested.

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