Tomorrow I am officially ending my 4 1/2 year golf hiatus by starting a morning 9-hole golf league. My game is right where I left it years ago. Fairly straight, not very far though. Before the hiatus I was very much a beginner. My goal is to be able to play with anyone with confidence.  If I could stretch my drive to 200 yards I would be thrilled. Just like a financial plan, one step at a time. Maybe I should start with consistently playing the game first.

I promise no more asking my fellow golfers to turn around so they won’t see my drive. I only did that once, when my husband crawled out from under the rock I decided I shouldn’t do that again. After all the LPGA wouldn’t allow it.

I’ve heard golf is good for business and am curious if it is true. I would love to hear from people that benefited in their business from a round of golf. (This would be motivation.) I figure with readers seeking retirement some will be golf experts!

See you on the 19th hole!